We are all the family of God

I felt like sharing a short thought based on a short movie clip that I couldn’t figure out how to embed:
We are all the family of God. I know one source of my greatest happiness has always been family. They annoy me to death but I love them so much. Especially my wife and children. It’s amazing how much joy they bring, yet some people do not get to enjoy the same blessings, at least not in the same ways. The video clip was a montage of interviews of different families, many of whom weren’t married, or couldn’t have children. In one way or another, they all found a ‘family’ to love and cherish and be a part of. Family can be difficult, but it is essential. There are many ways to find a family of your own even if its not the traditional nuclear family. And if it comes down to it, God is your family. I truly believe He is our spirit father. I feel His love. He loves more perfectly than we ever can. I hope this is not something that will be taken as preachy, just as me saying where I have found a source of happiness, in hopes of helping anyone I can to find some too.